A Call to Spiritual Formation.

As Christian leaders we need to be reminded that, we are called to be transformed into Christ’s likeness. However, in most cases I miss the point, I find myself focusing on ministry business more than focusing on the owner of the business. I believe it is important for us to always look to Jesus the one who has called us to be with him. Personally there are times I feel I’m left alone, especially during the times of trials and temptations, but they are over, I look back and recognize that God has been with me. Spending more time with God so that I can experience him is very vital. As Bill, et.al points out that, “God uses the totality of our life experiences both good and bad to mold and shape each one of us uniquely towards a specific purposes and goals for our lives. Apostle Paul puts it differently by writing that, we should fix our eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Bill, et.al concurs with Apostle Paul when he asserts that, “spiritual transformation only happens as each essential dimension of the human being is transformed to Christlikeness under the direction of a regenerated will interacting with constant overtures of grace from God such transformation is not a result of mere human effort and can’t be accomplished by putting on pressure on the will alone” (42) Therefore, as I approach this day, I need to bring my heart, mind and body under the presence of my master and the Lord of my life.

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Become a Sponsor!!

Become a Sponsor!
Greetings from Victory community Care Services, We are beginning our campaign in 2016 to sure that we get more sponsors to our programs this year. If you have been following us and the work we do in Kabale, Uganda, you will already know that we have been running a child sponsorship program for several years.
This program is to help Kids in Akanyijuka Primary School and students who have joined secondary to continue getting better education. There are still over 200 children both in Akanyijuka Primary and in Secondary school who do not have a sponsor to help them with their school fees. Getting a good education is the most important step in breaking free from the cycle of poverty that grips families and children in our nation. And you can make a huge difference for one of these little ones. US $ 30 per month can provide Education, food and medical care US $ 40 per month can provide shelter, nutrition, Primary level Education, Medical care and family environment, and $ 50 Per month can provide  secondary Education, medical care, and Food. Sponsorship Donations are tax deductible in the USA, Australia and England. If you are interested in joining us in making a difference in a child’s life, please follow this link to our website, www.victorycare.org  Press the Give Button to contact Global Development Groups to set up your plan.

For more information please contact us at victoryccsatyahoodotcodotuk  (victoryccsatyahoodotcodotuk)   or kayconnellatiseechurchdotcom  (kayconnellatiseechurchdotcom)   if you have any questions. And please, share this post on your home pages so your friends will have a chance to sponsor a child.

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Tears of sorrow and Desperation

Yesterday morning I was coming from taking my kids to school I met a young Girl named Birungi. She was about nine years old. She was accompanying other older women carrying baskets full of sweet potatoes going to sell them in town. As I wanted to buy some before I head home, I chose to buy from Birungi after buying from her we hard chat, she told me that she was the ninth child and in her family. She also told me that three of her siblings are already in town looking for scraps to sell. She said to me, “I don’t want to be carrying sweet potatoes for the rest my life but I have nothing to do about it. I would be going to school like other children but my parents can’t afford to buy uniform, books and my pay school fees because they are poor”. While I was talking to her tears of sorrow and desperation started to flow from her eyes. Definitely she would prefer to go to school and not to have to carry sweet potatoes to get money to feed her family. There are many children who are living in a hard situation like this in our community. I believe we can change the status quo if we work together. What do you think?

The Marred identity of the poor in Uganda.

Historically Ugandans were treated as an inferior people, possibly it is the same today, they were sold like commodities by the Arabs, and slave trade was followed by colonial rule. Ugandans were treated as second class citizens in their own country. The natural resources were plundered and many people were killed in civil wars, which followed colonial rule. These inhuman experiences undermine the dignity and identity of Ugandans. (Narayan 2000: 189). Since then there has been a perception that Ugandans are weak, powerless, voiceless and marginalized.  (Lecture 3:2).    (Once I heard this statement which made me think about our history and its effects, someone had stolen money from European who wanted to invest in Uganda, when the thief was convicted, someone made a comment that the thief shouldn’t be punished because he is not guilty, he just got back what the Europeans took during colonial rule in Uganda.  These are deep issues rooted in the hearts of the poor in Uganda. (Narayan 2000: 279). In fact some Ugandans don’t appreciate aid they look at it as refund of what was plundered during colonial rule.  As Myers explains, there are web of lies that the poor in Uganda have believed about themselves. (Slide: 17).

Uganda’s history is read with pain and shame, Ugandans have forgotten their true vocation, and the distorted social – economic and political systems have not promoted the well-being of the poor.  Uganda’s historical background is marred by a web of lies. (Slide: 33).

Traditional beliefs which discriminates people according to sex, color and tribe and  the capitalistic worldview, which measures person’s worth based on possessions, education and achievement has marred the identity of the poor in Uganda. The truth is that the poor are created in the image of God and their true identity is found in knowing Christ Jesus who reconciled us to Himself. The oppression and injustices recorded in Uganda’s history is by- product of the fall, the broken relationships on different levels (Myers 2011:64). God’s purpose and a person’s identity is found in knowing who Christ is.