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I'm Dr. Kanyesigye Edward the Excutive Direcor of Victory Africa Ministries (VAM). VAM is an indegenous NGO dedicated to Encourage the Flourishing of Marginalised Women and Children through faith and innovations.VAM started as a Community Based Organization in 2004. Later, it was restructured to an NGO status according to the recommendation of local and National leaders. VAM is governed by seven board members who are committed to seeing the organization’s mission accomplished. The founding members were drawn from a network of Christian churches that identified needs within their congregations and the general community.VAM projects are bringing sustainable and productive impacts to many communities as predicted.

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Vision Statement

The organization's vision is to Promote the Flourishing of the most disadvantaged women and children, by sharing Christ’s love which brings holistic transformation to each individual, thus allowing each person’s potential to become the strength and fabric of their communities and nations.

Victory Africa Ministry’s mission is to Develop the Competencies of marginalized women and children in Africa. Using integrated programs and services, we aim to work as a team in planning, mobilizing resources, and developing programs that improve the well being of the people. VAM is defined by empowering people to stand on their own to be self-sufficient, fight diseases, poverty, ignorance and social evils in the community. This is done without prejudice or favor, giving respect, ownership, and dignity to all participants.

Victory Child Sponsorship

Victory Africa Ministries under its project J319 (Victory Development Initiatives) partners with Global Development Group to sponsor children. Donations over $2 with a preference for project J319 are tax-deductible in Australia and the USA. Excess funds may be applied to other approved activities. Please note no non-development activities (Evangelism or welfare) are a part of, or funded by, the GDG project.” Victory Child Sponsorship's vision is to love and care for the orphans and vulnerable Children through Jesus Christ’s example with the purpose of rising up a new and competent generation of committed and faithful leaders of our communities and nations. The children in this project are placed in foster families, where children live as brothers and sisters, giving the children the opportunity to grow in a stable, structured and loving environment.

Akanyijuka Nursery and Primary School

In the heart of Uganda's Kabale district, amidst rolling hills and verdant landscapes, stands Akanyijuka Nursery and Primary School, a testament to the transformative power of education. Its history is a chronicle of resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds and enriching souls. The school's genesis can be traced back to 2004, when a group of visionary individuals, driven by a passion for education and a deep concern for the marginalized and orphaned children of their community, embarked on a remarkable journey. With limited resources and unwavering resolve, they established drop-in centre, a children’s which later transitioned into Akanyijuka Nursery and Primary School, a humble institution with a grand vision.

From its inception, Akanyijuka Nurseary and primary school embraced a holistic approach to education, recognizing that the development of a child's intellect is inextricably linked to the nourishment of their soul. The school's motto, "Teaching the Mind, Nourishing the Soul," became its guiding principle, shaping every aspect of its educational philosophy.

Victory Small Agri Based Business

Welcome to Victory Small Agri Based Business, a transformative project dedicated to empowering marginalized women in rural communities. Through our initiative, we are making a positive impact by addressing the competencies and needs of these women, enabling them to flourish and lead fulfilling lives. Our extensive research and study of marginalized people have revealed that they often lack the necessary skills and resources to thrive. Thus, our primary goal is to develop their competencies in various areas to meet their fundamental needs and promote personal growth. Victory Small Agri Based Businesses, project strives to create an environment where marginalized women can have their basic physical needs met, ensuring their safety and security. We also focus on nurturing relationships and fostering a sense of love and belonging within their communities. By providing opportunities for meaningful work, we help women fulfill their self-esteem needs and gain a sense of accomplishment. Furthermore, we emphasize the importance of knowledge and intellectual stimulation, as well as financial means to meet their aesthetic needs. Through emotional skill development, we contribute to their self-actualization and help them achieve a sense of transcendence.

Victory Rebilitation Homes -Humura

Humura Homes, meaning “to be lifted up from trouble”, opened November 5, 2011. Fourteen street boys moved in on opening day after many of them being on the streets from age 5. These boys came to us with addictions to marijuana, sniffing glue, stealing and fighting as ways to survive. Most of the boys have lost one or both parents and ended up on the streets due to poverty, abuse, or their parents remarrying and the step-parent kicking them out of the home. The goal of Humura Homes is that each boy would come to have a personal relationship with Jesus and to be an example of His life in whatever they do. After a rough couple of adjustment months, the boys are now settled and attending school. Each day they hear God’s word spoken and see it lived out in the lives of their house parents and teachers. Many of the boys have been baptized and have a hunger for God’s Word. ..

Get Involved

You May Get Involved by Praying, Volunteering for a Short or Long Term, or Giving to the Following Projects: Donate Towards the Completion of a School Administrative Block. Sponsor a Child or more.

Donate Towards the Construction of the Leadership Training Centre and Administrative Offices

Donate Towards Supporting Women to Start Small- Agro- Based Business

Please if you wish to be involved don’t hesitate to contact us.

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